The 'Small Print'

(1) Child's Fare includes a ride on the train and a present from Santa, Adult's fare includes a ride on the train, a mince pie and a complimentary drink.


(2) Tickets are not refundable.  However if trains are cancelled due to bad weather, see website and social media for details.


(3) A 3 administration fee per booking will be charged for lost and/or alterations to the vouchers.


(4) The booking is for trains scheduled to depart during the allocated time slot.  All trains will follow the 'suburban' route.  Steam trains will be used subject to availability but no guarantee can be given to the motive power used on any particular train.


(5) Unfortunately due to Health and Safety restrictions we are unable to carry children under 12 months.


(6) REQUIRED MINIMUM RATIO OF ADULTS TO CHILDREN:   CHILDREN UNDER 9 is 1 Adult to 3 Children.  CHILDREN 9+ is 1 Adult to 5 Children.


(7) All Children must be able to site on the seat as they can not be carried in arms


(8) Children cannot travel without an Adult.